Fish Lips’ Bubbles After a Visit to the Pompidou

Jan Aaron

Raw edge fusing, machine quilted. The background fabric for this piece is titled “Fish Lips”, thus the name. The design is an interpretation of a work hanging in the Pompidou, Paris. The colors were chosen to work with the background.

Lattice in Red & Black

Jan Aaron

Machine pieced &machine quilted. I made this in a workshop taught by Jim Pilarski, at the IQI Quilt-In. It was started in 2009 and completed early this year. I chose to quilt overlapping circles all over the surface to soften the sharp edges of the latticing.

Puzzle the Square

Jan Aaron

Machine pieced; machine quilted by Sally Evanshank, Windy City Quilting. I wanted to use blue and brown to make a contemporary quilt. It is a gift for a young friend. She has yet to see or get it. It was chosen to hang in a recent show at the Hinsdale Art Center.

Vevey Pops

Jan Aaron

Fabric printed photographs, hand beaded, machine quilted. The inspiration for this piece is the pictures I took of flower beds along the Lake Geneva walkway in Vevey, Switzerland. These are some of the distinctive poppies that were blooming in the gorgeous beds this past May.

Evan’s Fish Quilt

Melanie Anderson

Machine pieced & quilted. Evan originally requested birds but after looking at many bird patterns I determined that BIRDS would never get pieced! Evan picked many of the fabrics and pieced and ironed many of the squares. The back is made up of one of Evan’s favorite patterns: leopard. Reversible.

Bubbling Fountains

Shirley B. Engelstein

Wrapping. Interlooping. Acrylic yarn with 5% metallic bound over loops created from various media including metal & duct tape on lucite bases. I would like the viewer to share my joy and excitement whenever I see the movement of water rising and falling – defying gravity over and over again.

Enchanted Forest

Shirley B. Engelstein

Winding. Mohair yarn is wrapped around linen cording. Sewing trunks & limbs onto heavy woven cotton fabric. I would like the viewer to be transported to a safe, embracing feeling symbolized by the “Enchanted Forest”.

Heirloom Christening Gown

Sue Babbs

Handmade bobbin lace on silk gown. Symbols of baptism are included in the lace – drops of water, shells (which are used in some traditions to splash the water onto infants), the sign of the cross and triplets of holes to represent the Trinity.