Japan 1: Steps

Nona C Flores

Machine pieced and machine quilted. This is the first of 3 planned quilts using Japanese or Japanese-inspired fabric and traditional Western blocks. The quilting is by Sue DiVarco.

Spiral Bullseye

Joan Cook

Machine quilted. Workshop 2019 NSNG: “Reconsider the Grid” by Sarah Nishiura. Long-arm quilter Marlene Williams.    

Who Are You?

Susan Couch

Artist photograph electronically modified and printed on cotton sateen. Painted with thread and Inktense pencils. Quilted and trapunto to enhance 3D texture of rockformation. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been in Owl Canyon at the same time this family of great horned owls were there and that they were curious enough to peer down at me from theirContinue reading “Who Are You?

Susan Couch