Tea in the Garden of the Giant, Fiji

Cynthia Boudreau

Wet felted with resist to create hollow teapot. Removable stopper and orchidsalso wet felted of Merino wool. Inspired by actually enjoying a cup of tea in Fiji in a beautiful orchid garden called Garden of the Giant. A giant face is seen above in the overlooking mountain.    

Frida Loved Flowers

Cynthia Boudreau

Finn and Merino wool wet felted over a resist. Flowers wet felted. Added earring and hand beaded necklace, Glass vase insert. Frida Kahlo loved flowers so I was inspired to create a wet felted floral vessel with aglass vase insert that can serve as an actual vase for real flowers!

Koi Pond Bench

Cynthia Boudreau

Wet felted with wool, silk, novelty fibers and then free motion machine stitched. Inspired by a visit to the Anderson Japanese Garden in Rockford and sitting quietly gazing at the koi and water lilies. Upholstered on new mid century modern bench and finished with UV and stain resistance.     

Tea Roses

Cynthia Boudreau

Wet felted merino wool over resist to create hollow teapot. Removable stopper and roses wet felted and beaded. Inspired by “tea roses’”, why not a Rose Tea pot! Have a cup of tea and smell the roses!

Love Grows a Garden

Cynthia Boudreau

Wet felted merino wool, silk fiber and novelty fiber. Free motion stitched and hand embroidered. Love can grow a garden of peace, joy and more love. Inspired by my own garden that the more love you give, the more it grows. Love rose quartz stone embedded.     

Electric Synchronicity

Joan Bratton

Machine pieced and quilted. The designs and colors of Marcia Derse fabrics show such excitement, it’s electric. Thanks to Silvia Merz-Horn for the idea to use them.