Peggy “Schmoopy” Loves Cats

Mario Alonso

I modified the pattern and machine pieced and quilted it myself.

My dearest friend Peggy was diagnosed with cancer last year and fought through it and Covid. We talked about the new quilt she would use with her cats Huntley and Brinkley when she returned home. We took the quilt to her facility and stood outside holding it for her to see. The nurse brought her to the window . She cried and took pictures from her room. She loved the two cats in the middle. Peggy knew it was waiting for her but she said she wanted me to keep it and the other I made. Sadly, I lost my Schmoopy the spring, it broke my heart, a quilt is more than a quilt. Our friendship lies deep within the fabric, threads and quilting of “Peggy ‘Schmoopy’ Loves Cats”. I wasn’t able to give Peggy her quilt but she loved talking about it and seeing it which brought us both great joy.