I’ll Finish That!

Melanie Anderson

Hand and machine appliqué and piecing; hand quilting When the IQI challenge was announced as “Food, Glorius Food” it was very interesting to hear what everyone “saw” in their packets. I LOVE salad and always want to eat the leftovers.

Evan’s Twin

Melanie Anderson

Machine pieced and quilted. This is a “twin” to my daughter’s quilt which we made together when she was eight. Evan, my five year old, and I put this together over the last year. Evan picked most of the colors and sewed some of the blocks

New York Beauty

Melanie Anderson

Paper pieced and machine quilted This is Karen Stone supersized. I took her 30-inch square quilt and enlarged it to a queen size bed quilt.

Fractured Frames II

Myra Auslin

6″ squares prepared with fusible interfacing, then cut into 5 or 6 “frames” of varying width, and reassembled randomly. Machine quilted

Vest of Many colors

Birgit B. Scott

Hand-knitted, with crocheted surface embellishment. I love playing with colors and different textures. When the idea for this vest came to me, I dove into my stash and gathered all the yarns I liked. There was no problem with gauge, because I used garter stitch and kniited on the diagonal with the same.