Vest of Many colors

Birgit B. Scott

Hand-knitted, with crocheted surface embellishment. I love playing with colors and different textures. When the idea for this vest came to me, I dove into my stash and gathered all the yarns I liked. There was no problem with gauge, because I used garter stitch and kniited on the diagonal with the same.

Napkin Exchange

Beth Coughlin

Hand-woven in rosepath, twill, birdseye, and huck lace. Three napkins were created as part of a napkin exchange among six weavers. Each weaver wove designed and wove napkins, which were exchanged and used at a luncheon with the five other weavers.

Beaumont Bliss

Klos Dagmar

Hand woven, bound weave & shaft loom. I was living in the southwest (USA). Bought yarn, which were mill ends, on sale & tried to make the colors all work in one piece.

Autumn Leaves

Gloria Foster

Hand-knitted, felted, & hand embroidered. Even mittens can be embellished. We use traditional crewel embroidery stitches and derive our color and motif inspiration from our garden. Some designs are planned and others just grow stitch by stitch. Though we strive for balance, our designs are rarely identical among the mittens or even in a singleContinue reading “Autumn Leaves

Gloria Foster

Lincoln Longwool

Dagmar Klos

Hand dyed raw fleece, felted (wet and dry), including undyed, washed fleece. As a spinner, I have a passion for sheep wool, especially the longwool breeds. Design Source – Original.