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Safari Sunset

Linda Feinberg

Needle-turn applique, raw-edge machine applique, hand and machine embellishment with soutache, hand and machine quilted.

As part of the 2018 IQI Challenge, we were given 3 bright color fabrics (magenta, orange-red and light orange) and the assignment to include flora and/or fauna. During the 2018 Quilt-In in January I experimented with using soutache (French braided trim) to make on outline "drawing". I used Durer's Rhinoceros as inspiration and really enjoyed it. I decided that the bright colors were perfect for a sunset so I used another technique from Carol Armstrong of outlining and filling with allipques. We could add up to 3 other colors so I used a gray background, yellow for the sun and to brighten the sunset, and green for some grasses. I originally did it all in raw-edge applique but decided it would look better using needle-turn applique.

Design Source - Original design/rhino based on Durer's Rhinoceros.

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