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Sea Centerpede

Robert Bragg


Sea Centerpede/Deep Bottom of the Ocean/Deep/hydrothermal vents belch hot,/800o F hot, chemical laden spew/build chimney like proturberances//green sulfer bacteria feast/grow into long gelantinous hair/change hydrogen sulfide to ferous iron, amonia/are gobbled by odd gutless tube worms/there is methane too/and mussels, limpets, Yeti crabs//chemeosyntheses not photosynthesis/does not require light/there is none//changes the very definition of life//small, strange ecosystems deep, deep on our ocean floor//evolving, growing, spreading/as our waters, our lands, our atmospheres/become more like theirs//someday/might some ocean/methane,or other chemical beathing critter/grow lungs/crawl up on our/too hot, too unbreathable world?// Sept. 2018/Whizard/at

Design Source - Original.

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