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2017 Exploring Embellishments
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These bead embroidery pieces are a result of a workshop titled "Exploring Embellishments" with Artist Lisa Binkley. Using panels created by Sue Spargo & Wendy Morris from Robert Kaufman Fabrics participatnes created unique artwork of their own. Everyone involved added their own personal stye and materials to the various preprinted squares.

Techniques included hand embroidery and beading, machine piecing, and machine quilting.

Class members had this to say:

Looking at the proper, static flowers in the printed design, I decided I wanted to help them explode into a new dimension, a new awareness, a new realm of existence. "Burst thy cage asunder" is from the writings of Baha'u'llah --- Camilla Krueger

"Inspired by the tenacious desert sage that bloosm amidst fiery arid skies." ---Marjorie Roth Leon

My family loves rabbits and all the bunnies in this piece are "mad as a March hare". ---Nona C. Flores

With Lisa's guidance, the class developed design ideas and inspiration. ---Janet Sumner

Sue Babbs
Is this Audrey III?
Tricia Baldwin
Embellished bag
Joan Bratton
Natural Glitz
Sylvia Dresser
I'm Learning to like Orange
Nona C. Flores
March Madness
Marcia Lee Hartnell
Off the Edge
Cindy Heineman
Beaded Fantasy
Alice Jenks
Tree of Life
Valerie Koppenhaver
2017 Bead Class
Camilla Krueger
TitBurst thy Cage Asunderle
Ronna Leibach
Beads, Buttons and Roses
Marjorie Roth Leon
Purple Sage
Jeanette B. Page
Group Project Bead
Beth Polonsky
Split Personality
Edy Reizner
Smell the Flowers
Julie Rivera Janet Sumner
The Garden

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