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Birdsong at Wynncliff after a Rain

Kathleen Grum

Machine quilted.

One day while working on a project in my sewing room, the sun came out after it had rained. The birds began singing wildly. It was a déjà vu moment. Where had I heard that many birds singing so the chapel…it had rained - the sun came out and the birds were singing their hearts out! Wynncliff is the location of Sewjourners, a sewing camp for girls. In July, 2012, we marked the 15th year of the camp. I made the quilt for Jackie Winn as a gift to celebrate this anniversary. I have Monica Larson and Trisha Mack to thank once again for inspiring me to begin "real" quilting. I have been making t-shirt quilts for over 20 years. I would like to thank Wendy Koch and her daughters Taylor and Hayley for helping to design the color scheme. The Bargello pattern and array of colors is meant to represent the stormy sky brightening after a rain storm. (The song birds are represented in the backing fabric. It was purchased at Quiltplay in Grayslake after a long search.) Additional thanks to: Monica Larson and Susan Grum for donating fabrics from their stash and for rummaging through countless bolts of fabric to pick the 20 fabrics required for the design. Susan Grum for being my roommate at Quilt-In 2011 where I assembled the top. The many wonderful quilters at Quilt-In for their encouragement and suggestions to correct the "bowing" problem as I assembled the top! Joni Baumli for the machine


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