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Stained Glass Slash and Dash

Phyllis Paulo

Machine pieced & professionally quilted.

When Harriet Bertsche offered to teach "Stained Glass Stack and Whack" I was so excited because I was intrigued by this pattern. She suggested that a crib/baby size would be ideal. I thought, I'll make one for my baby. Only one small adjustment' he is 44 years old and sleeps in a California King size bed. Harriet not only taught me how to make this quilt but was there to help me pick the fabric and assemble "my baby's" quilt. Thank you, Harriet. Never again will I be seduced by the colors and shimmer of synthetic fabric. It is a difficult fabric to work with on such a large scale. Debbie and Stu Bookman used their machine quilting expertise to enhance it. Thank you Debbie and Stu.


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