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Sudoku by the Birds

Linda Feinberg

Hand embroidered, fused appliqué, hand pieced, hand quilted.

I've wanted to make a Sudoku quilt for quite some time not totally satisfied with how I saw others done. Feeling the original numbers should be easily apparent I made them outline embroidery on black fabric. I've also been waiting for an opportunity to try Carol Armstrong's "Appliqué Inside the Lines" technique, so used that on the cream blocks. I decided to merge these into the 2011 IQI Challenge quilt and include 30 fabrics in a 30" x 30" format for our 30th anniversary. To be unique I substituted birds for numbers, using only birds I've seen, most in my backyard. The birds were adapted from "The North American Bird Coloring Book" by Sally MacLarty and David Hutley and include: Flicker, Brown Creeper, American Kestrel, Cooper's Hawk, Mallard, Wood Duck, Nighthawk, White-Crowned Sparrow and Painted Bunting.


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