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America's Glory

Anita Ruesch

Machine pieced. Custom machine quilted by Donna Derstadt.

I proudly display my Flag on national and state holidays outside my home, but wanted one to display in my home that is a constant reminder that our FREEDOM IS NOT FREE and in remembrance to all victims, survivors and rescuers of 9/11. I found this pattern after 9/11. Although this is a very simple scrappy quilt of 4 inch red, white and white/cream colored squares, I wanted the quilting to be special. I procrastinated over it for years and after meeting Donna talked to her about custom quilting it for me with the Pledge of Allegiance. The back of the quilt has fabric with our presidents on it. I was finishing the binding on this quilt last May while watching reports of Osama bin Laden's capture. I'm very happy with my finished quilt, even though it took me so long to finish it.


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