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Woven Bands No. 7


Bobbi Shortlidge



Hand woven on a 24-harness computerized dobby loom in the double weave technique woven with 2 layers in one piece of cloth


This is the final piece in my Woven Bands series. No. 7 was juried into an international show which opened in London in 1994 and toured Europe. The exhibition was entitled "Textiles and New Technology: 2010." It seems fitting that it is now exhibited 16 years later in 2010! Like the others,  this piece deals with illusion. From afar, it reads as many bands woven separately, weaving over and under each other. Upon a closer look, one sees I have woven a tromp l'oeil illusion "fooling the eye" because the bands were not woven separately. Instead the entire piece was woven as one piece of cloth!

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