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Red Ribbing Purse

Denise Handwerker

Constructed from recycled wool sweaters that have been felted. The body of the purse is made from ribbing that I cut off of sweaters and machine stitched together. Additional scraps were machine sewn on to create the sides, the ruffle was created from one rib and the straps from several different ribbings. Some hand stitching at the loops. The purse was then felted to create a new fabric. I chose the seams to be external for added texture

This bag was constructed entirely of felted wool scraps and ribbing. It is not lined. The inside pocket was taken directly from another sweater. The purse came together organically each step (sewing, felting) revealing to me how the purse should be put together. Every success and mistake in its construction contributed to the end result. This is a one-of-a-kind design.


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